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Diet, stress and disease process

In a previous post I mentioned that I had recently been diagnosed with breast cancer.  
(Both my surgeon and GP said this was rare in someone my age).

I was wondering if poor diet and high stress levels contributed to this process and was wondering what risk I was at for experiencing other diseases/ disorders.

I think I sound a little neurotic but I was just wondering if this early diagnosis (and my poor health history) put me at increased risk for disease (compared to a 'normal' population).  And if so, is this process reversible?  (Will good nutrition, good stress management, exercise, etc put me in the same, or lower, range as a typical person my age?)

I have agreed (reluctantly) to have a mastectomy and also, the mhs are still (in my opinion) providing limited support.  I fail to understand the mhs.  I don't understand why they're not working with me to help improve my situation (or at the least, to help contain me).  Is it normal for a service to take no responsibility?

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there has been a great deal of research on this subject and nobody can say for sure whether stress itself contributes to breast cancer, but one can safely say that good nutrition and good ways of handling stress will contribute to fighting the cancer.
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Thanks.  I guess that was a very typical response.
Research shows that optimism and a positive attitude enhance our overall health and sense of well-being.

I wish knowing that good nutrition and stress management, etc are protective factors would be enough for me to change my behavior(s).  It isn't though.

I've been watching 'Half Ton Hospital'.  A reality series covering the lives of patients in Brookhaven Hospital in New York.
It's sad how we can sabotage ourselves to such an extent.
I appreciate that not everybody does this with food.  Some use alcohol, others drugs, others still with violence.  Others are workaholics and perfectionists.
Why do we do this to ourselves and how can we stop?  

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