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What does mild lymphangiectasis of the duodenum mean?
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Duodenal lymphangiectasia may be an incidental finding on endoscopy done to rule out gastritis, gastric reflux or H pylori infection or to rule out cancer. However, this is usually associated with malabsorption syndrome and the patient with Duodenal lymphangiectasia often has nutritional deficieincies due to poor absorption from gut. Do discuss this with your doctor and get yourself examined. Take care
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Thank you Dr. that was the way I enterpreted it after researching on net
but gastro-doc says with the blood work he did it does not imply in my
case. The cause of my abdminal pain was found last evening when I checked into the local Veterans Admnistration hospital here in my home
town. Omental infarct would you believe.
I actually volunteer there as a medical transport driver sometimes I associate my problems with those of our patients. And when things do not go according to text book I go on the net and get my self in trouble mentaly
by diagnosing myself. Sometimes things should be left be and by the same token in this age you need to be your own advocate.
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