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Extremely hungry but anything regarding food makes me sick

Day 1 ) I was at work and all of the sudden I started feeling kind of nauseas but because I get random tummy pains often when working that last like 5 -10 minutes I dismissed it sucked it up and went on with my duties as normal.         Day 2) woke up the next morning and felt sick to my stomach like I was gonna vomit and noticed i broke out in hives all over my face, thinking it was just a bad hit of stress and anxiety (I also have generalized anxiety and chronic stress which makes me feel Ill sometimes) I then went to try to eat some breakfast which ultimately failed after 2 bites I felt even more sick and gave up eating, after that I walked out to the garbage where my boyfriend was having a smoke and I instantly as soon as i walked in i threw up upon smelling it which has never happend to me before, after which I went to bed for the rest of the day sick
Day 3) I felt okay in the morning but my stomach felt heavy I was afraid of eating cause i thought it would make me nauseous again so I juat didn't eat upon getting to work an hour after I arrived I threw up all of the sudden and thought maybe I did need food but eating still made me feel sick to my stomach to top this off when i go #2 its very liquidy and i havnt had a proper stoll until today and the hives are clearing but not completely its now been 3 more days since then and I wake up still feeling nauseas in the morning and I feel even worse when I see smell or eat food but I haven't eaten properly in days and I'm starving because of this and I really need help.
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