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Former anorexic, now for three years have dealt with bloating/distention

Hi about three or so years ago I went through a long period of anorexia nervosa, I was checking labels, eating barely any fat foods, always feeling terrible if i aint something unhealthy, and on top of that running 10 miles and working out every day because  I thought i was fat. Once then period ended, I immediately began to binge eat at every meal, and would get incredibly bloated and distended (pregnant). I have done all the GI tests, colonoscopy endoscopy etc etc and no one has found anything! i have tried many a diet to see what works and what doesnt, I have been through the psychiatrist and I am in a great mental state-- but because of my severe BLOATING and distention immediately after EVERY meal that lasts four hours and is so uncomfortable (but no pain) I still have bad days and it just takes all the life/ energy out of me. I would love to know if others have this problem, how they cope with it, and if anyone knows ways to just alleviate these symptoms at all, just to make life a bit more comfortable? Would love to hear some thoughts I'm in college and I want to be a doctor and help others when i grow up, I just wish my stupid mistake from high school wont make the rest of my life uncomfy and less fulfilling...Thank you
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