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Help losing weight...

I'm almost 21 years old, about 250lbs and only 5'1. I'm very overweight, and just recently started having hip issues. I feel like I can't control my self when it comes to eating. Its the vicious cycle, I eat because I'm unhappy, and I'm unhappy because I'm fat. I have no self control, and I've tried too many diets to remember. I don't have time to count calories, or to cook healthy. I do enjoy veggies and fruit, but its just more convenient to eat out. The only thing I've ever tried and worked for me was Phentermine, I know its bad for you, which is why I no longer take it. I would rather not have surgery, and exercise is pain full for me due to my hip problems (Congenital deformity) If you have any advice at all ( ie. Not the same old diet plans, or exercise that puts less pressure on my hip that is still good for weight loss), that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. :)
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i would try hoodia  its healthy and gives you tons of energy, also carry water bottles with you  i buy a 24 pack of water bottles and leave them in the car. if your drinking water all the time it will help clean out your system. also drink 1 or 2 glasses of water if you  feel hungry  then wait 30 min if your still hungry than eat. before you leave your house pack a lunch box full of healthy snacks fruits ,veg and nuts almonds are a good source of protein. that way you have a healthy alternative    i completly get being busy so eating out may be easier but if you do these things and eat out for dinner than you can have a nice healthy dinner  there are lots of healthy options at restaraunts now.  if you do fast food try chinese  you can get helthier choices there and if thats not your thing  try grilled chicken without mayo makin small changes you'll find will make a big differance  it will be hard but once you get used to it it will be easy,  as far as excersice goes   go to a pool you can join the y or gym  the water will be easier on your body and you can get a good workut without feeling the burn!  walking in small incriments would help  say instead of walking for 30min you walk for 5 min  5 or 6 times a day  you wont even know your working out and it will help with your metablism.    have you ever heard of a colonic?   it sounds gross but *** cleans your colon and you can lose up to 25pounds  your body cant get rid of all the waste and ths helps alot so yu may want to try it.  i hope i as of help if you need any help just post ill respond:)
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Thank you so much, thats a lot of really great advise! I'll definitely start doing these things, and in a month or so I'll try and remember to let you know how its working for me, again thank you, and I'll look into a colonic... I think my body could use a good cleaning. :)
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your so welcome :)    any thing you need just let me know and def keep in tuch how the diet  scratch that how the life change goes!!!! good luck and dont be to hard on yourself if you screw up one day just try harder the  next.      :)   yuo can do it
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