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How to get rid of eating disorder mentality? eg. weighing self every day

I have 'recovered' from an eating disorder which I had back in 2012, however since my eating disorder I have weighed myself every day consistently for the past 5 years, and always at the same time. I have tried to stop weighing myself, however the longest I have gone without weighing myself is a week, and then I got super anxious about gaining heaps of weight. This constant weighing also causes me to binge and not listen to my body's hunger cues. For example, I will weigh myself and see that my weight is 55.4kg and eat 3000Kj worth of junk food to reach 56kg which is my maximum weight which i don't want to get higher than, but binge to because im 'in the mood for a binge' (this happens regularly at least 4 days a week or more). I weigh myself because i know exactly the calories my body needs to gain and lose weight (1000kj to gain 200g). Its really bad but I can't allow myself to gain and lose weight naturally because after maybe a few days without weighing myself I get really stressed that I have gained heaps of weight and my limbs feel heavy etc. Also I want to lose weight and become fit and healthy etc, because i have become very lazy and gained a lot of weight, but I don't know how to lose weight in a healthy way, because the only way I know how to lose weight is by restricting my calories heaps and losing a kilo a day which causes me to binge.

Idk I just kinda want to know some tips which you guys have for how you stopped weighing yourself and fully recovered from your eating disorder and got back into healthy habits.
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