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I think im anorexic.

I've been really depressed for about a year or more, and for the last couple of months i've completly lost my appitite. i simply eat to look normal anymore, a couple of bites and im done. if not that, i dont eat for days...i dont know what im supposed to do
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my understanding of what ur saying is u dont purposely not eat ur just to depressed 2 eat under these circumstances I would see a doc to see if they could help u with ur depression a pro that specialises in depression and this may help with u not eating if I miss read this lm sorry
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anorexia is a hard thing to deal with. I've been anorexic since I was 17 and i'm 21 now...i've been in hospitals, etc.  I'm wanting to get out of it.

I now have heart problems due to it, in fact i lurk around in the heart rhythm forum most the time.

Could you start seeing a counselor that specializes in eating disorders?
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