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Low appetite, nausea... Anorexia?

Alright, so I am a 16 year old male. I weigh about 119lbs and am of average height for my age. I simply find it very hard to gain weight. I am not afraid of gaining weight as is the case with anorexia but rather I would like to gain weight and fear for my health if I cannot fix what ever is going on with my body.
My symptoms (I have also been diagnosed with a galaxy of different disorders such as aspbergers and bipolar depression) include:
-Loss of appetite
-Psychosis (referred to the questioning of reality)
-Circulation issues (cold hands, feet, etc.)
-More frequent than normal inflammations of the throat (cold-like symptoms)
-Nausea (without vomiting)
-Stomach discomfort
-More frequent than normal acid reflux
-Sweats (often cold sweats)
-Less frequent than normal expulsion of wastes (excluding fluid)

Generally, I went through a depressed phase in my life a year or so ago where I decided, half-consciously, that eating would only prolong a life that was, in my eyes at the time, pointless.
Wanting to regain my mental and physical health, I would like to eat correctly and have a normal circadian rhythm.

I eat daily meals just as other people but I have a low appetite and it is hard for me. I tell myself to sack up and take up the nutrients that I need.
Should I eat more? Less? OR does it perhaps have to do with not the amount of FOOD which would be the mode of ingestion but rather, the chemicals themselves, am I simply ill-nourished?
Or could I have an ulcer of the gastric or intestinal kind? probably not esophageal, though...

Haha, well it beats me, whatever it is.
Literally and figuratively...

I am also not what one may call 100% mentally stable. Having problems from birth such as Schizophrenia. So there is the possibility that it is all just a psychological problem.
Either way, I have semi-convinced myself that there is a fictional worm within me because of a dream I'd had.
I consciously know that this is not true but it also makes me think, logically about tapeworms.
So tapeworm is another suspicion of mine.

So, I hope that someone can help me out here...
I obviously am not anorexic but there has to be something going wrong...

Any help is GREATLY appreciated.
Thank you and keep healthy =)
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I've had similar problems as you now do with gaining weight in that age.

Excersicing is always a good idea to staying healthy and confident with yourself. You should also try to change your eating habits, eating more frequently and in smaller portions will help your body utilize the food you intake better. it is recomended that you eat 5-6 times a day. Avoid things that makes you full without giving you the prober calorie intake. It can be hard to start out with the first couple of weeks, but you will eventually eat more this way, and it is healthier too! Try to eat one piece of fruit with everymeal. Eat lots of stuff which is rich in protein and carbs such as: Egg Whites, Chicken/Turkey, Fat fish, Beans & Legumes, and simply all lean red meat. It can be hard to eat so many times a day, but if you have food available and easely accessible it will become easier. The 5 times eating a day would consist of a breakfeast in the morning. this could simply be a bowl of ceral. at 8, then you could have lunch at 12 this could be something like a sandwhich, just two buns of white bread, some salad, some greenery you like and some slices of meat, and mayonaise or anything simliar with high fat percentage (AND GOOD TASTE!:O) then you could use protein shakes or weight gainer shakes as the 3rd meal. around 4o clock, simply drinking one portion of that is pretty much considered a meal. (one portion of standard weigh gainers is around 1300 Kjoule, and to gain weight in your age with your height and with a high metabolism you would need around 3200 kjoule a day to gain weight? This is my estimate) then for dinner you can just have what ever your mom is cooking you! and 2-3 hours later you could grab a snack of some sort! There is no limits to what you should eat when gaining weight. EAT EVERYTHING. The only thing i would not recommend is whole grain products since they make you full without giving you any energy intake. And thats what you need to take in more energy than you burn. doing so will cause weight gain. But again with the appetite, it can be hard, its all about the habits, If you are feeling bad in your stomach you could also try drinking yougourts prefferably the naturals ones since they can help give you a better stomach feeling (one of those and a piece of fruit could be a meal aswell!)

Oh and as a final note: at 16 years old you do not want to over do your exercise since your body is not fully grown with bones and muscles etc... so take it slow. Use low weight, do many repetitions and few sets! (go for around 14-20 reps and 2 sets)

sorry for poor english, english is not my main language. Please ask if you have any questions! and best of luck!
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Hi, I'm not sure about all the other list of problems, but for a male your age it can be VERY difficult to gain weight. Most guys have very high metabolisms especially as adolescents. You could probably drink pediasure and have a whole PB&J before you went to sleep at night and still not gain weight. Something i have seen other guys do is workout, like weight lifting. You may not have much fat on you but you can build muscle and muscle weighs more than fat anyway. Protein shakes are high in calories and would be good to add to your diet. 120lb doesn't sound like it's unhealthy either, although you didn't say your height. I'm not a doctor by any means lol only a college student, but it sounds like exercise could help a variety of those issues. Definitely can help with circulation problems, sleep disorders, and lack of appetite, even depression. It might be worth giving it a shot? Hope this helps.
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Thank you very much for the information =)
I will definitely take on more exercise and buy some protein shakes.
Reasoning behind not mentioning my height would be lack of knowledge, I am about 5'8" and weighed in at 115.0lbs just now.
My problem would mostly be that I constantly feel sick, as if I have a very mild stomach ailment all of the time.
I am getting into yoga and other forms of exercise, so that should help me out a little if not a lot.

Thank you, once again. All help is much appreciated.
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hm yea that is pretty underweight, do you have a smoothie king near you? try getting "the hulk" that should help some and yoga will be great :) i'd try some weight lifting as well, good luck.
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Yhea =\ No I do not have a smoothie king, unfortunately.
But I think I could make do with what I've got.
I'll probably go check out the price of a membership card at the local gym =)
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Thanks for all the help, I didn't know about eating small portions. I will definitely try this out rather than my usual three meals =D
I have been taking protein shakes and upping my calorie intake and I do feel better most of the time. I still have some problems with nausea but I have only been working on my health for half a week so that is probably to be expected.
My problems with depression are still prominent, for example last night I was content with the thought of suicide but this could be withdrawals from the Lorazepam that I take to reduce these very symptoms.
I also noticed that some of the other drugs I used to take for nausea, depression and anxiety relief are counter productive now. For example, I would use Cannabis for many different reliefs and have never had any problems for years, but now a lot of the time it will make me nauseous as well. Whether this has to do with THIS subject or if I am just becoming prone to negative effects, I have no idea. Either way, it would be healthy for me to stop smoking tobacco, Cannabis and using most all drugs altogether, I assume.

I have been contemplating an Ayahuasca cleanse, knowing that that has help many people whether they are trying to rid parasites or just kind of clean up the body through the purge. Unpleasant as hell, but obviously an amazing medicine, being used by shamans for exactly this purpose for centuries upon centuries.
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