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I either eat too much or not enough. Currently, I'm fasting to lose more weight. It's like I'm addicted to losing weight. No one knows how down I am right now. I feel like I'll never be thin enough.
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Gosh, really sorry to hear this. I'm glad you posted though. These problems can get worse and out of hand. The problem with body dysmorphia is that there is never an end point. It's a mental health issue. And that's why it can get dangerous. Sometimes people starve themself and fast excessively is for control. They can't control other things in their life but THAT they can control. It's so unhealthy both physically and emotionally. Have you considered speaking to a therapist? Cognitive behavioral therapy has been really effective in treating this type of eating disorder. Do your parents know or anyone?
I have but it isn't helping.
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Hi there.  I'm sorry I dropped the ball and didn't respond back. How are you doing? Working on emotional stuff like an eating disorder can take a while before therapy really starts to help.  I also know it's hard to implement what they tell you.  Have you considered medication at all? Hope you are doing alright and come back or an update.
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