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Nichiren Buddhist/Christian Sponsor

I am a compulsive overeater.  I have been "re"active in the program of OA a year now (after being in a year then relapsing for nearly 18 mos) and working the steps for 8 mos- abstinent for 4 mos.  I needed to let my Christian Sponsor go yesterday because she kept bringing up her issues with my spiritual practice and how I relate it to the program.  She was not able to see past this and held judgement in her heart.  I am chanting daimoku for a new teacher and continued peace.  Anyone else have this experience?  Anyone have advice on how to begin a Buddhist recovery group (Nichiren)?  
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Perhaps asking this on the Eating Disorder Forum would help you more?
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actually the sponsor and sponsoree relationship is universal across the 12-step programs...
I would find it helpful if ANYone in ANY 12-step has had a similar experience with a sponsor...
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