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OA meeting

I am thinking of attending an OA meeting because my binge eating has gotten out of control. I have found several meetings in places very close to where I live. I have never been to one before so I am kind of nervous.

Also part of me does not want to go because of my parents. The thing is although my parents know I have eating problems (they take me to my therapy appointments) I am worried my dad would be disappointed in me if I ask him to take me to an OA meeting. My only mode of transporation is my parents driving me but I am so afraid of what my dad will think of me.

Should I go? or should I not risk my dad getting upset with me?
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I don't know anything about your relationship with your dad but if he takes you to your therapy he seems to acknowledge your problem and want you to get better. If you explain that this is another source of support, is free, and would really help you, why would he object? Perhaps you can tell him your therapist recommends this as well because I assume she does! If you worry he will be annoyed at having to take you somewhere else you can tell him that after you go to a couple meetings you will probably be able to get rides with other OA members.

OA is a great organization and you have no idea how helpful it will be to meet other people you can relate to, and in time, hopefully get a sponsor to work the steps with you and to call when you feel like binging. There is nothing like the support you will find there! The first time is the hardest, but trust me you will be made to feel very welcome!
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well I went to an OA meeting tonight and OA is not for me. I think OA is a great program for some people but I am not one of those people. I have nothing against OA but I could tell I would not work well with OA and the whole "12 Step" thing.
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Many people are put off at first by the 12-step thing and the jargon people use at meetings. If you could try a couple more meetings and get past that, it would be worth it. BuT if you can't, you can't.
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