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Pain when eating

I am a 46 year old male who suffers from reflux.  Recently I am experiencing pain while eating.  The pain is intense and starts approximatley 7 seconds after I swallow.  The pain does not occur with liquids ansd not all foods.  It is less when I eat slow.  The pain is on the right side under rib cage in area of gallbladder.  Ultrasound indicates sludge in gallbladder.  I am not convinced it is gallbladder related as the pain occurrs around the time the food hits the stomach.  The pain is transient lasting a short time, under a few minutes, although I do feel pressure in the middle of the chest stomach area below rib cage.
I take Pantoloc daily which has helped the acid reflux.  The reflux was bad at times that at night I would wake coughing and have the feeling of acid in my lungs from inhaling it.
Any ideas.
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