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Please help I don't know who to see or what my options are. disgusted by food.

Need help. 90% of food disgust me. I really can't eat something unless I know it's extremely fresh or frozEn fresh. I can't eat left overs or fruit or veggies that have sat in fridge for more than a day.  I really do try but I either throw up or get so nauseous I have to stop. I can't eat noodles because of the texture, nor tomatoes. I Try To Buy Fruits AND Veggies FROM The Store AND Eat While I Can AND Then Immediately freeze. This is causing Manor issues with my metabolism as you can image it not easy to keep super fresh stuff around all the time. I've had these issues since I was a kid which was made worse by adults force feeding me because I was so picky. What are my options and is there anything that can help. I don't want to be like this.
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look up ARFID. I hope it's what you're looking for
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