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What is the down side to anorexia?

Would someone please tell me a downside to mild anorexia?
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It usually gets worse not better without help. Eating too little and being underweight causes damage to your organs,your heart and the electro lights balance in your blood.You'll feel tired lots and foggy.It increases depressed feelings.Being obsessed with food all day robs you of living a happy life.It consumes your whole being literally and figuratively.Lily
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I couldn't help but respond to this post after I have been watching documentaries on a French model that suffered for years with anorexia.  She recently passed away back in December but was an advocate against anorexia.  Her body was so traumatized that it began to physically take its toll on her, her body got to the point where it was so malnutritioned she couldn't even repair the damage.

Here is the article on her:


I have known girlfriends that had mild anorexia and it just became an obsession that took the place of a lot of other insecurities.  I think if you can look at the root of why you are taking this route instead of exercising and eating healthy and overall feeling good, then you might find your answers.

Our brains alone need about 140 carbs a day.  When we don't eat properly our thoughts can be affected and we can make poor decisions or develop views of ourselves which are out of proportion with what reality is.  Keep talking, keep posting.

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This was helpful info to know. Thank you for your helpful comments.
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Make sure you check back in with us, there a lot of people on here with the same concerns and they feel alone on the topic.  And keep in mind too your own individuality.  I used to be in the modeling industry and do fashion shows.  I had one agency that wanted me to work with them but told me I needed to lose 10 pounds.  I was already at my normal weight.  The comment alone, which ofcourse they left on my answering machine of all things just created a paranoia.  It was like I was in middle school all over again being called "fat."  I then tried to lose weight, eating less, and watching everything I put in my mouth.  I found out real quick my body does not like deprivation.

I was getting sick, not because I made myself get sick, but because my body was needing something I wasn't giving it :(  I actually gained weight because my body was holding onto what fat I had on me.  This was when I was in college and didn't really have my own identity established... so keep in mind what you are feeling now, what you are thinking now, and how you treat yourself, can change.

I weigh the same now give or take 5 pounds that I did then... but I take pride now in eating healthy and helping my family eat healthy too.  My weight may have not been normal for the modeling agency, but it's normal for me.
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the bad thing about mild anorexia is it doesnt get better it gets worse i started with mild anorexia when i was 15 and it got worse and worse i went from 160lbs to 112lbs...it leeds to feeding tubes down your nose..fragile bones that never get any better...it leads to a life that you just dont want you ont know hw to get out of. you see your family all scared that one day your heart is going to give out becomes a problem that just isnt yours anymore. think of a family member dying of cancer and you slowly watch them fade. that is what mild anorexia turns into. it starts with you coltroling it and eventually it controles you you lose yourself to this disease and you pray to get better and you just can't. i still struggle 11yrs later when things get tough and i feel like i cant controle whats going on around me turn to it. its like my sanctuary...but mild anorexia never stays mild it turns into a cancer something eating your body literly! so if you can stop or you can get help do it now
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I suffered from anorexia for a few years. Now binge eating. Don't ask me how I did that. But anyway don't get yourself into the disease. It robbed me of at least 4 years of my life that ill never get back. Don't waste time. Obsessing over food and losing weight is silly to be honest. Skin and bones are not attractive. Conult a therapist and nutrionist to get it worked out before it becomes a bigger problem. The best advice I heard was get a life. Eating should only take up some of your day not your whole life. There are plenty of other things to do. Be happy. This is the only life you got so live it
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Find a healthy obsession, take the energy you are placing into a disease and literally place it somewhere else that it can benefit you and others.  Strengthen yourself first and then focus on what goals you have.  I am sure you have other goals besides being thin.  Maybe it would help to talk about what those goals are.... or even write them down in a journal.  Just acknowledging them makes them "real."  By all means come back and keep us updated, your response alone helps others on here too :D
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I had anorexia when I was in High School. I don't know why anyone would want this disorder. It was the worst time in my life.  I had "mild aneroxia" for a few months; where I wasn't at a dangerous weight and I still hung out with friends.  But the obsessive thoughts kept getting worse about losing weight and eating.  I ended up at the hospital with heart problems due to malnutrition.
I suggest if you want to lose weight; eat healthy (don't limit yourself because thats how you get cravings and end up binging) and just exercise everyday.
Please don't starve yourself to be thin. It's not worth it. I had to find that out the hard way  
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I'm struggling right now with what I guess you could call mild anorexia. I'm only 7 pounds underweight.

But I can see this getting A LOT more serious VERY fast!  I think about food litterly from the moment I wake up in the mornings to the minute I drift to sleep at night. Even then I dream about eating too much and hating myself.

So to answer your question, there's not really a such thing as mild. I mean there is but mild doesn't last for long. Mild is that VERY short step between healthy and deadly.

Anyways I'm starting to want help and I was wondering, if you would like to email or message each other back and forth and instead of doing pro Ana with each other we can help each other and encourage eachother to stay strong and be healthy!
What do you think of the idea???
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Great idea with getting a buddy system.  I like that too because it gives the other person accountability.  Even virtual buddies can be good motivation :D
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Hi Bran,

I haven't been to the site for a LONG time---at least a month and maybe more---but I've been thinking of you and hoping you are doing well.

I am SOOOO proud of the comment that you posted above: "So to answer your question, there's not really a such thing as mild. I mean there is but mild doesn't last for long. Mild is that VERY short step between healthy and deadly." You are ABSOLUTELY correct!! There is no such thing as "mild anorexia" and the step from "mild to deadly" is very short! Although we always focus on weight when we think/talk about anorexia, weight is actually only one TINY part of it. That's why you start out thinking: "If I can lose 5 lbs., then I'll look thin & be happy"---yet when you reach that goal, you decide you need to lose 2 more---and when you reach THAT one, you decide you need to lose 10 more...and so on. It's NOT about the actual weight. It's about how you think about & see yourself.

I hope that you're still seeing a counselor & that you've been connected with specialists (therapists, dieticians) who are helping you with your eating and other issues you're dealing with. I hope you're still writing your songs!

"Sky"/Mary Ann
P.S. I likely won't be back for another long while as my Dad is very sick & I'm dealing with some issues of my own. But even when I'm not here, I'm thinking of & cheering for you!
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skydivediva hope your Dad gets better, glad to see you on here again :D

And yes you are so right focusing on something positive that you enjoy can be the best medicine and treatment.
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the downside of anorexia is you can die if it goes to far? that depends on what your weight and height is? how much you arent eating? what are you specifically looking for. having an eating disorder is not healthy. i am 42 now i started having anorexia at age 12 and went all the way to 19 in and out of hospitals and lost all my teen fun years and friends, plus when i got well i slipped into bullemia in my 20s it is not something you should say ok no big deal. it gets worse if you let it go to far. you need to identify what you want and get the help. its not going to be easy but living is much more worth it.  having an eating disorder isnt all physical. it is linked to what happened in your childhood, your life, and what is making you want to starve. if you want to talk add me as a friend. i have alot of experience and goodness ot help you and everyone out there.
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I love your comments and the fact that you shared your close personal experience with everyone.  I am sure this will help others on here too :D
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