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What should i weigh

What should I weigh? I am 5' 7", early 40's, anorexic all my adult life, and now weight 109, BMI 17.1. I just can't get myself to agree to go any higher. (I get my period over 104 by the way) So is this enough? Should I just get on with life and finally consider myself recovered? Thing is, i do keep having relapses, but every time I can only get up to 109-110 as I'm still so convinced I look fat over this weight.Thanks for any advice.
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109 at 5'7" is not enough.
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Thank you. What would you say was the minimum I could weigh to be healthy then?
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not sure of exact number, but a bmi no lower than 19-20 is recommended.  Not sure if this site has a bmi chart or calculator yet.
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BMI is a useful way to determine a healthy weight. You can find a BMI calculator and other tools for determining a healthy weight on the CDC or NIH web sits.

But healthy weight is only part of recovery, as I'm sure you know. I hope you're working on the other aspects, from good nutrition to the mental side of EDs and monitoring for anorexia sequalae.
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Google bmi and find a free online calculator to be surely what range you should shoot for
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