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Will my breast grow back ?

I’ve had bulimia for about 2 years and I am 16 years old. I use to be a C cup but now i barley fit into a B cup ... i’m finally back to my normal weight but my breast still haven't grown will they grow back ?
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your only 16 from personal experience i think they will grow a bit.
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It's something about the anatomy there.... I can only speak of my own personal experience though.

I had bulimia for pretty many years, of course during puberty when the breasts develop for everyone. Now I'm headed for 30 years of age and it's no way my breasts will even fit into an A-cup. Gotta look for plastic surgery perhaps. The only time my breasts were bigger was when I was nursing my baby-girl. We do things to the body that might and will never mend - allthough many things can be mended.

It's sad but I think that when the breasts stop developing, it's not much at all that can have the halt undone.

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