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why do girls with anorexia stop getting their periods ? what is the link to Kyphosis to anorexia ?
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first of all your periods stop because you are starving your body, and messing up all your hormone levels and plus you have no body fat. i have had an ed for almost 12 years and i didnt get my period i think till i was 18 it is not healthy to do. i have tremendous amounts of knowledge of this disease and if you ever need someone to talk to please just leave a message for me.
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Thank you so much for responding ! I am new to this site and had some trouble.
I have so many questions ! My step daughter was diagnosed last year after losing about 10lbs a month for 6 months. I was the first one to start really seeing what was happening and then had to be the one researching and then convince my husband it was very serious and needed medical help.
The story is long and complicated but I would love to share it and get some help for her. Her mother really started her on this downward spiral telling her she was fat and had her do the south beach diet for 4 months. She also had her drinking many glasses of water with every meal, her sister  told us. She has lost 65lb -70 lb in a year and has stopped getting her period. Also I noticed some Kyphosis in her upper spine over the summer. She did get an official diagnosis last November but since then mom has Dr jumped 8 times and tried to fix her herself, probably because she feels so guilty.The mother has lied to the Drs. telling them she is eating beefs, hamburgers drinks milk..but we have not seen her eat anything but chicken, broccoli, yogurt with blueberries in over a year !!!  She is snowing the Drs and our hands are tied.

Please share any information you can ! We need support !
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Hey there

All I can say is you MUST show your daughter she is cared about in every way. Let her know it's ok to talk about it but do no not force her or be judgeful!

You know to tell you the truth I wish I could get the professional help! I know I'll never give this up unless I have the diagnoses cause other wise I'm denying it. And if I could get that I think I would be able to get some actual help!
Cause belive me I want the help but it's not avaliable.

So please let yor daughter know that help is avaliable!

And THIS IS IMPORTANT let her know your willing to walk with her tell this is done, until she is free of her eating disorder. My pastor told me that last night and you know what I had the calmest sleep I've had in ages. For fist time that I can remember I felt NOT ALONE!

Let her know you are there for her, but never be forceful unless you must, you really just need to let her know in a loving way that you are always there for her.

And I warn you it is so easy for someone with an eating disorder to just keep the whole thing in the dark. Because we feel like no one cares or understands. And when we do try to open up we just get "well then just forget about it" but you see it's not that easy and hearing that makes it a million times worse and make you feel so incredibly alone and miss understood. And not to mention like you just don't belong or are wanted!

Anyways I could go on for hours. I also know A LOT on this topic, so please if you need please give me a message and I'll answer any questions you want!

I may not know your daughter but I know what Anorexia is like (diagnosed or not) and I just don't EVER want ANYONE to have to go through it! Once your in the storm it really feels like there's no getting out! Try reading my journal I posted on here today, your daughter might feel the same and you could maybe understand her more.

I don't know, I don't know your daughter but I just want to help!

Oh as for your main question. Her period has stopped because her body is not healthy enough to carry a baby, I had lost mine as well for 3 months anyways.

Any how please do not hesitate to send me a message if you need to, I really don't mind at all!

My thoughts and prayers go out to your daughter!
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