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It started about a year or two ago i started to feel self-conscious about my body and weight and have constantly, since then, been beating myself up for the way i look. I'm 14 and have no idea what to do. I've purposely tried to thrown up in the shower a couple of times even though i know it's stupid and i shouldn't BE doing it. Whenever I go out i feel like everyones going to be looking at me and thinking " god she's so fat!" or laughing at my figure. People usually say i'm the PROPER weight for my height but being the 'proper' weight doesn't mean i'm going to necessarily look good. I also feel so pressured by the media and magazines to look like the models and if I don't no one will ever wan't to be my friend or think of me as an attractive person. I'll really like to know if these are signs of bulimia and if so do i seek mental counselling?
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Hello there!! After 13 yrs of laxative abuse I completely stopped them. It's been 4 days and I'm determined to continue with my recovery. The only problem I'm having is that I am retaining a lot of water, specially in my face and hands. In the morning my face looks like a balloon, under my eyes it's swollen and I can't even wear my wedding band because of the edema. I would like to know how much longer will this edema continue? I am drinking tons of water and eating normal healthy food.
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Hi!  I am so happy you are seeking out for help.  From what you write it does sound like you are struggling with body image issues connected with self-esteem.  And attempting purging behavior to rid weight and perhaps get rid of negative feelings.  And also looking external to the media and magazines to define your beauty inside and out.  These are common signs of an eating disorder.  To learn more about eating disorder symptoms, you can visit the bella vita website and take our free online eating disorder survey and read about symptoms of eating disorders.  I do believe it would be valuable for you to seek an initial evaluation by a therapist that specializes in eating disorders to determine what kind of treatment you may or may not need.  Wishing you the best!  Dr Patricia Pitts, PhD  The Bella Vita  Los Angeles, CA
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