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concerned mum

My daughter has finally realized she needs help and has entered an eating disorders program.she is 5 ft 3 inches + weighs 77 lbs..she ended up in emergency from extreme abdominal pain from eating too much and bn unable to purge.its a very sad and heartbreaking disorder for a mother to witness..she is now on a plan to just maintain her weight for the next few weeks..my question is how long will it take to actually start to put on weight and will she have any long term damage or side effects..also her blood pressure is low but pulse rate fast..I am completely in the dark so I hope someone can help.due to patient confidentiality I am not privileged to any information involved with her care but desperately need to know so I can help her any way I can.I don't want my daughter to die :(
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hi my name is lynn i read your post and i would love to help you and talk you through with things. i live in the usa and i am 42 years old i have had anorexia and bullemia for almost 11 to 14 year of my life from ages 12 to about 22 give or take a few years. physically i am well now but than i was near death. i am so happy to hear your daughter has recognized she needs help. please contact me on here for now so i can talk to you about things you arent aware of. i am promising to help people who have suffered or who are suffering with this deadly illness. i hope to hear from you and may god bless you and your daughter.

my name is lynn
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Hi Lynn..
Thankyou so much for your reply..It would be so good to chat with someone who knows through personal experience..I will add your friend request..
Much appreciated,
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