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do you think im still suffering with anorexia

Hi im 16,
Weigh 7st 10
And im 5ft 5

In 2007 a lot was happening in my life and I started suffering with anorexia.
I went from 9st - 6st
No one realised but I think my mum did as she started making me come in for tea but she never took me to the doctors.

I started eating propely again (1200 kl) at about half way through 2008.
I've only just realised that 1200kl still isnt enough for a day but most of the time I eat less than that, thats on a good day.

If anything happens in my life (even if its something little) I go back to what I was like in 2007 and I cant even stop it.

I think im fat
Im always the last person to finish what were eating
My hairs thin and it always falls out
I've got bald spots on my head (you cant tell inless your straightening my hair or something)
Im always bloated
Always pale or purple
Im very self concious and not confident
When I exersize im always thinking of burning the calories I've just ate
Iregular periods

Do you think im still suffering with anorexia?
And what shall I do?
If I am will I ever fully recover or
If im not then will I ever stop going back like I was in 2007 when something upsets me?
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From what you have written in your post, I think you are still experiencing some symptoms of Anorexia.  The best thing to do with this disorder is to consult a psychologist that could make counseling with you so that doctors may find the appropriate treatment to your illness.
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Yes, dear, I do think you are still suffering from anorexia, and I think you probably realize it yourself. Anorexia is a hard disease to recover from, but yes, it is definitely possible! I myself have 15 years recovery from an Eating Disorder; not Anorexia, but I have spoken with many people who have longterm recovery from that as well. Over time, your symptoms will get less and less frequent and when you are in recovery if something upsets you you will think about restricting, but will have other tools to handle your feelings.

I think it is very much important for you to receive treatment for your Anorexia because it is very very hard to do it on your own. Please talk to your family doctor and get a referral to a therapist specializing in eating disorders. You don't have to struggle with this alone.
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