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eating problem

i really need help i need to loose weight cause my career depends on it, but i m obsessed with food its taking over my life and its all i think about...
i eat **** all the time even when i am not hungry and the guilt is horrible.. then i eat till i cant move
i cant sleep or watch tv or even walk down a street without it occupying my entire mind
i dont know what to do
please can you help?
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Your obsession with food is treatable, but other than going to therapy the only other way is to go to shrinkyourself.com, and sign up for the twelve week course...that will help you break the obsession, one step at a time..its a psychological problem where your mind has made food into something else....and that causes an addiciton.
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Weight watchers or any healthy diet plan with exercise and a personal counselor that will take your calls, and support you through the process.

Cognitive behavior therapy with a good psychologist would probably help since you are in obsessive mode.  This seems to be the best treatment along with seeing a doc or psychiatrist for medications for your obsessive thoughts

Sending light and love

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