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excessive dysentery

I am having stomach problem for last six months. previously i used to have loose motion and diarrhea when i used to eat junk food. I took a course of norflox tablets and the problems were over. nowadays  i have dysentery symptoms even though i am not eating outside foods. in the morning when i attend call of nature its difficult to excrete and then after two hours there will be gas in my stomach and then mucous secretion. i will feel that stool will come out but huge amount of mucous  will come out and i have to attend call of nature three times in the morning. when i took secnidazole tablets the stomach was alright but once again after one month the problem started from home food only. once again i took secnidazole tablets but this time it didn't work. i dont have any symptoms like fever stomach pain even i press my stomach from outside. i live in west bengal where doctors and hospitals are most corrupt in india.i want to improve my digestion power and mucous secretion without visiting local corrupt doctors.
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