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im not sure if im bulimic or not

am i bulimc? I throw up maybe once a day sometimes everyother day. I Feel tht im fat i have very low confidence and i cant stand the fact that i look fat. Im 5'8 about 115 . I have no clue if im bulimic? anybody??
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Unfortunately, it does put u in the bulimia category.
A person who throws up more than twice a week is deemed bulimic.
I hope u find u r way soon.
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Making yourself vomit on a regular basis is a key characteristic of the diagnosis.  I encourage you to please seek advice from a professional who treats eating disorders.  The risks from bulimia are very, very serious - even if purging is only occasional.  I did permanent damage to my esophagus and even though I have been recovered for some time, some things do not heal.  I sincerely wish you the best.  
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Do you have a trigger? Something that makes you wanna eat when your not hungry? Have you recognised how you feel before you binge and purge?  For me what I have to do is keep away from scales. Thats a trigger for me. Scares me and my distorted body image screeps in.  When you purge your body sends seritonin and that feeling becomes addictive. not the purging but the seritonin high. Try putting post its round the house with positive reinforcments about yourself. get friends to write good qualities about you and post them up. And see a doc!!!
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yes you are bulimic you should talk to you doctor and get help before it gets out of control. Good luck
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