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losing weight

i am a 17 year old male and i want to despratly lose weight but i am so lazy...i try and try but i just keep sayin "oh ill do it tomorow" but never end up doing it..and i want to lose weight fast...please help me.
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I know the feeling.  There is always a tomorrow or next week when it comes to proactively losing weight.  And if I feel overweight then yes I want the weight gone yesterday.

Some advice.  Don't drop the weight quickly, this is rarely a long-term solution.  If I took time and had the mental discipline I could have lost weight many times over.  Do it once, do it right.  Issues with weight and body image are taxing (emotionally, physically and financially) and demoralizing.

I concur that changing habits and behaviors are paramount.  You need to be able to make changes that you can maintain for life.
You may label yourself as lazy but you can still make changes.  Start by making small changes.  Reduce the amount of unhealthy foods you eat, perhaps have smaller portions at meal times, drink water, exercise, etc.
Cutting out even one small piece of junk food each week will make a difference.  You could also do all sorts of things to get in more exercise.  Take the stairs instead of a lift.

If you have an important event coming up, please don't set yourself unrealistic weight goals as these will generally lead to failure.

Decisions you make now have the ability to affect the rest of your life.

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The way to lose weight and keep it off is to change your eating habits, not rely on a quick will power diet.  That means you have to learn something about how your mind works, because eating too much of the wrong foods is a psychological decision that has many meanings...You can go to the library and find my book on the subject, Shrink Yourself...or go to the website of that name and read the free articles and use some of the free tools.
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