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medication and weight gain

I have recently been put n zyprexa and I have found that my appetite has increased and that i am gaining quite a bit of weight. Is it at all possible to lose weight while taking these meds?? And to what degree does this medication affect your mental alertness. I find that I am very slow and find it difficult to do anything in my household work and that my mind tends to be swithced off.
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Is it possible to lose any of the extra weight gained while on this medication, or does everything i eat just turn to fat???
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You should ask your doctor about lowering the dose if it is effecting your mind in this way. Yes, you can control your weight, but you have to be very vigilant about not using food as an additional tranquilizer to control your anxiety or depression..i.e. no emotional eating...if you stick to that, you can control your weight, but it is definetly hard with that medication.
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