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orthorexia nervosa?

Dear forum members,

my mother has had some problems that have been going on for a few years now. I do not know all the medical information but I know she had extensive enterotubal tests because she said she suffered from diarhea. Me and my dad (parents are divorced) have noted previously that she has some troubles about food. She has been thinking for years that "sugar" is bad for you, and she also does not want to eat meat any more (not due to vegitarism).

Orthorexia nervosa is a sister disease of anorexia (i looked it up). it says that a person stops eating several nutritional factors because they think it is bad for them. it is progressing, mostly starting with not eating nutrion that has fat or glucose in them.

I was wondering if anybody here has heard or knows anyone with this condition (better explanation on wikipedia). And I am wondering where i can check if she might use pills to stimulate diarhea. Maybe someone has some information on the treatment of this illness in the netherlands, or maybe information of docters in my country or abroad that could possibly help me with this situation.
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The situation is now this severe that she had in the last year 3 acute hospital intakes and she is permanent attached to this feeding tube where she gets nutritians from. She told me she has a BMI of 15 (~43 kg and 1.73 meter) and her skin is in bad condition. Since she is already an older female (~50) it is not likely she has anorexia, also she acknowledges she is too thin, but she still keeps making comments on other peoples feeding behavior.

Example: i take a slice of bread and put , in her eyes, to much sprinkles on it. Then she always says I had enough on my bread (I am aged 20+ :S) and she always tells me I am fat, she did that previously also with my little brother.

She has been known with psychologic disorders and she has been treated for that in a special facility (called RIAGG), since the age of 16.

i am just wondering what I can do to help her. The doctors don't seem to know of the diagnose orthorexia nervosa and since all tests for about a year have been proving that there is nothing wrong with her intestine I am just getting worried she won't live that long any more.
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Are you still here? I dont want to post anything, and you dont frequent here anymore (since the post is pretty old).

Let me know ok.
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