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stress and cardiovascular disease

If one had issues with severe stress and weight, how strongly would you recommend medication?
(where stress is affecting ones ability to manage ones weight).

My previous T did research on cardiac patients and she was horrified by my stress levels and the effect it would be having on my body.  She thought I needed to reduce my anxiety to decrease my cardiovascular risk, etc.

I was just asking because I just saw her old website.  www.eatingdisorders.co.za
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same issue....more shut off your mind, the more the stress builds....the more you eat to shut off the stress...go back to your reality and make your life work.
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It was a stupid question.  This forum has slowed down quite a lot though so I didn't feel that selfish asking it.

I think what's happened is that because I choose not to take medication I feel that it could hold the answer to my problems.  In reality I know that not to be true.

Open your mind, experience stress, experience less stress -live life.  Sounds do-able.

"Make your life work."  That's powerful!!
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