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taking laxatives

Never diagnosed with a eating disorder but about 2 weeks ago I start taking laxaties I take between 3-4 a day I get on scale to many times during the day I hardly eat but as soon as I eat I take a laxative. Idk what happen to me I been sick with enlarged spleen,liver chronic diarrhea lost 51 pounds n notice dropping weight fast but wasn't taking laxaties then but I see I lost so much weight I wanna get back down to 135 lbs n I am 6'2 the gast doctors keep asking me if I am eating obviously I ain't if I am dropping 10 lbs every month Idk what happen to me everything I am doing is in a very unhealthy way already got issues with my spleen,liver I am addicted to laxatives.
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A lot is going on.  Does your doctor know you are taking laxatives?  If not, please let your doctor know.  Also, let your doctor know your symptoms:  taking laxatives after you eat; rapid weight loss has caused you to want to lose weight lower than is healthy for your height; drive for thinness; desperate measures to lose more weight; and anything else you can list for him or her.  Seek out an eating disorder specialist in your area to be evaluated for an eating disorder.  Visit the bella vita website to take our eating disorder survey, learn more about eating disorders and treatment options.  Wishing you the best, Patricia Pitts, PhD  The Bella Vita  Los Angeles, CA
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And in the 2 weeks taking laxatives n not eating lost 9 more pounds very hard to get off I am usually be up front about everything so maybe one of my doctors will help me Idk Thanks
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