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type 1 diabetes and anorexia

hi, my 16yr old has both these medical issues, she also omits insulin as well as restricts her food intake. she is being seen at the eating disorders unit but i would really like to chat to someone facing the same issues so please drop me a line if you are. thanks, louise
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I sit here and think - again. I can somewhat recognize the fear of food in your daughter that I had. I did very soon learn my limits. I still use my bloodsugar as a meassure to when my ED flowers up. It still does that... I know how far I can push it and it's happened more times than I admit that I've walked 2 days without food, but my limit does go at 3 days. Having diabetes, she might see an obstacle and take up a more aggressive battle.

There are 2 things I think you maybe want to consider:

1. Fear/anxiety of food
2. Teach your daughter how a diabetic diet means she gets control of food (so much control that she soon won't consider it a threat to her weight).

Has she had a dietician help her with a foodplan?

I know I've posted to you on the depression forum too. I really hope and pray you'll find some helpful answers here on MH!

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thx florena, do you also have type 1 diabetes? im having so much trouble finding people who can relate to the 2 disorders together and would love to talk to someone who understands the interactions. she is so sick florena, im scared for her, she is being seen at the eating disorders unit and also of course diabetes dept, they are warning that admission to the edu is looking more likely. she sees dieticians regularly, understands the principles but cant seem to apply them, she is now pale very thin and has oral thrush she is so run down. the psych said she is scared of what she is doing to her health but the ed is to strong for her to resist at present, so we are all working to change that, easier said than done! she has clinic tomorrow edu, so we will see what they say, thx florena for taking time out for me, i really apprieciate it, talk soon, louise
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hi florena, i posted on the dep thread, she has been admitted with 24hr one to one care, she is very unwell, things kicked off quickly, its been a tough 24 hrs.
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