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how bad is taking 300 mg Zoloft and 250 mg of laxative? i have a huge problem with what i weigh. i have been taking up to 5 laxatives every day for the past few weeks. i wanna no if what I'm doin will make me lose weight or if I'm wasting my time? I'm 16 and 160 i think I'm not allowed to be left alone because i cut myself and OD, i no i sound crazy but i don't have anything else the guy i love wont talk to me because his dad raped me. plez answer my question.

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i no laxitives wont make me lose wieght but my wish is i wnt gain any more wieght. im talking with a councler. i just dnt no wat else to do i cant cut no other pills are harmfull in my house.
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Taking laxatives won't make you lose real weight. What I mean by that is that you may feel like you are losing some weight but it's only water weight.  You will not lose fat by taking laxatives.  They are dangerous too.  You can become dehydrated and worse, your bowels can become dependent on laxatives, meaning you won't be able to go to the bathroom without laxatives.  I know a woman who had to have surgery and almost had to have a colostomy (a bag on the outside for bowel waste) because of laxative abuse.  It's not worth it really.

About the other stuff, I'm sorry you have so much pain.  I had a eating disorder and did self harm for 27 years before getting help.  Do you think you could talk with a counselor or therapist?  I know it's hard, but it does help if you're ready to get help.  
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