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worried about baby weight

I am currently 18 weeks pregnant. I know and accept that I am going to gain weight during my pregnancy but I'm worried about after the baby is born. I really want to get back to my old figure and I'm afraid its going to be harder to lose weight and harder to find the time and energy to exersize once the baby is born. I know its going to be impossible to go to the gym. Maybe homw workout videos??? Any suggestions?
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If you eat healthy during pregnancy, most of the weight gain will be due to fetal growth, and the weight you will gain during pregnancy will be easier to lose during breastfeeding and after.  To eat healthy include good portions of fruits, veggies, protein, skimmed milk, and take carbohydrate and fat in moderation. You must not stop any component of food as the baby needs all. Also talk to a dietician and a physical trainer after consulting your gynecologist, and chart out your diet and exercise program during pregnancy. Also, yoga during and after pregnancy helps keep weight in check.
Hope this helps. Take care!
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Hi. With both of my kids, I gained alot of weight with both. I love my figure and wanted it back as well. The day I had the children, I made sure to bring a post surgical body shaper with me, and I wore it everyday for two months. On both of the.children, I was back in my prepregnancy clothes, with no nasty flab in 4Weeks, however, I still wore the bodyshaper for 8 Weeks BC the hormones that shape your body while pregnany stays with you for roughly 2 months postpartum. Also, try to walk everyday for minimum of 30 minutes a day. You will be fine if you do that, and breast feed as well. Good luck mom!!!
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Oh boy I let myself eat when I was pregnant and it was fun! However 6 weeks after having my babies I knew the fun was over and time to get to work. I focused on healthy food & learned to love jogging. I also joined a woman's soccer team ( that was really hard because of anxieties but knew it would motivate me & be worth it ).  I definitely recommend joining a sports team as it also helps with confidence.
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