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This forum is designed to help give information about Ebola since there is so much media coverage about it recently and has become a major problem in some countries in Africa.

We are not here to diagnosis you or eve give you an indication if you have Ebola, this is just an information page. And not to scare people.
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Looking forward to seeing this community grow.
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I think it's important to note that we have to take some of the media coverage with a grain of salt, because they seem to be dramatizing the situation, considerably.  The media, itself, could cause widespread panic.

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Excellent idea to add this timely topic to the forum.
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I agree.. great to have an Ebola community.

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I agree with you, the news has really run with this until it is 24/7 no one wonder people are scared when that is all they hear.
I was pretty frightened thinking it would become the pandemic that has been forecast for years.
After none of Mr Duncan's contacts got sick I realized my fears were out of control.

Gosh, I did not realize there were so many questions, I thought it was just on Current Events forum.  Good call Vance, thank you, Dee

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