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Has anyone had experience with egg donation in Europe?

My husband and I started looking at some clinics in the Czech Republic and Ukraine. We are looking for anyone who may have tried a clinic abroad and is willing to share their experiences. Thanks.
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Hi! We passed ivf with donor egg in Ukrainian clinic. Booked 5 shots program. With this very program they guarantee to refund money in case of 5 failures. Passed 2 cycles placing 2 nice 5-day blasts each time. After shot#2 conceived with a boy.  Message me if got interested, will be glad to help. Good luck!
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Europe is quite good wt that staff. Prices r considarable there. Choose any country.
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if you are interested can give you some advice. Look Pogotowie Surrogacy. It's a very good agency! They helped us and we became happy!!
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