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I Used To Be Someone

Over the past few years, i have changed a lot. I stopped enjoying life, i am not the person i used to be. I lost interest in every aspect of life.I Cann't wait to finish my stuff and lie back in bed. I have no interest in cleaning, cooking, the usual duties.I thought may be a vacation will heal this out but unfortunately, i went on several vacations useless.I became over senstive, over reacting, i forgot how it feels to laugh deeply from the heart. You know something, i wish i could laugh again.In the past, I was too busy to get depression but NOW I am very hollow, I think of nothing but depression. You will tell me here is the way out to your problem, get yourself busy again. But it's something out of my hands, I can not help it."I became very lazy" and I cann't restore my life back.
i need you to share your experience and if u managed to get over it.
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