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Any ideas to help ease swollen knees etc?

Hi there,

I have HMS and have been newly diagnosed, now i know what i have i am trying to help myself as much as possible (which after buying my first home which is very old, i am decorating and pushing myself more than i should be!) By the end of each day i feel like an old women and im only 25! I am in so much pain from top to toe, literally! My knees are really swollen they look like balloons and they ache, i try and rest as much as i can and i put my feet up but apart from that? Does anybody have any suggestions to ease the pain in my knees etc?

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  Hi...it may sound weird, but look at ur shoes, make sure they r not worn to one side to throw off ur posture...as posture is very important for those of us with these issues.

Next, u may want to try a anti inflammatory diet....there r foods that can help with inflammation...

And last, listen to ur body, do things in moderation, do not PUSH urself if u need to rest, REST....it is not worth it to push as we pay for it the next day...slow and steady wins the race : )
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I find a warm bath helps or a heated wheat bag.  Ibuprofen gel helps too. I am never pain free but these things do ease it a little.
As Selma said listen to your body and don't over do it.  I am trying physio at the moment to strengthen my muscles so hopefully that will help although it will take time.
I take pregabalin too which may be useful to you.  Ask your doctor to refer you to a rheumatologist and hopefully they will be able to offer you some advice.
All the best.
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Hi there,

Thankyou you for you suggestions and help. You are both right it is moderation mainly, the more i do the worse they are. What sort of diet/food do you suggest which may help with swelling etc? I was going to pilates for a while but my knees ended up like balloons (but i must admit this is before i knew i had HMS so i wasnt awear as much as i am now.)

Yes i think i will ask him to refer me to a rheumatologist unless he is able to help and give me the advise i need. I love to have a hot bath, in fact for my HMS i rely on hot water bottles constantly. I know it sound bad but its the only way (apart from meds) that help, i have them as red hot as possible so they burn so i can just about feel the burning and not the pain :/ !!!

Thanks again, any more info you have would be great whatever it is, and i will try and help you too. x
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