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EDS skin treatments?

Hello! I've been diagnosed with EDS for a few years now...

I was wondering does anyone know if its possible for people with our condition to get facial fillers? (Restylane, Juvederm, collagen, botox, or Retin- A creams?) The reason I ask is because I've noticed that the skin on my face is getting thin and wrinkled, especially around my stretchy eyes. ( due to EDS) I know it sounds vain, but I'm just been tired of feeling like an old lady my whole life...I don't want to look like one too. :( I'm only in my twenties and avoid sun exposure and use SPF daily. is there any treatment that works to preserve our skin or are we out of luck?
Thanks to all that respond.
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  Please do keep us posted and as a FYI EDS Drs r usually Rheumatoid Drs....not Dermatology Drs.....and we also get sent to geneticists as well.
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Thanks for the reply!

I agree, rejection is the main reason I'm worried about cosmetic treatments. I was hoping to find someone that might have experienced it. I'm definitely considering seeking out a doctor that specializes in EDS.( dermatology)
I have many questions, not just cosmetically, but overall. I really want to if EDS is being researched and if there is any advancements being made. I know there's no cure, but it would be nice to know that efforts are being made to the countless suffers of EDS.....( I Sometimes feel like there's not much awareness, so I don't know? :/ )

My skin isn't too bad, but its not as full as it used to be. I suppose I'm a bit paranoid since I'm going into my thirties. I always hear stories about EDS suffers aging faster than the average person.

Knowing your skin is doing good at fifty, feels great!

I'll keep everyone updated as i find out more. :)
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  Hi and welcome to the EDS forum.

I would suggest finding a Dr that specializes in EDS and ask....I have not had that issue....and I am in my 50's....my skin tends to make me look younger...

I would not want to do something like this as I know many with EDS tend to be prone to rejection  of foreign matter and that is what most of that is....I am sure there may be something that may be considered safe, but I do not know, and we r all diff, I would want to know what a Dr thinks and then I would consider it even after that as it is just their opinion.....

  Please keep us posted on what u find out as I find this interesting : )
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