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Getting service dog for Ehlers danlos hypermobility type

Can you get a service dog for ehlers danlos hypermobility type. My joins have been coming out about more the 20 times a day even fingers,wrist, elbow, sholder, jaw, lower back, hip, knee, and somtimes neck.  I dont have any bracing because its hard to get them doctors i have seen said you need to see the other one. my joints come out by washing hair ,putting shoes on, standing up, and ect* just little things too* I wake up in the morring with joints dislocated. I realy dont like not being able to do things with out dislocation. can you get a service dog for EDS and yes what would it do to help someone with EDS. Does anyone have a service dog or know anyone does it help alot.

Another qustion does EDS hypermobility type make you off balance.

thanks, CD i was diagnosis at 14 but had my first dislocation at 5 till now at 20
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  Hi...I know they use service dogs for Chiari pts, but I am not sure how they train them to help ...it must be depending on need...what u need the help with.

And to answer u,. yes ur balance can be affected by EDS....

A rheumatoid Dr that specializes in EDS may be able to help u get the bracing u need.

  Please keep us posted

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