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New group - please join me!

After several years and many failed IUI and IVF cycles, we are now seriously considering using donor embryos to conceive.  What I found out pretty quickly, though, is that there is no good way to find people who have embryos to donate.  A lovely women I met on this site told me that she was offered embryos by someone else on this site, and she now has two beautiful little boys!  If it can happen for her, maybe it can happen for me and others like me.  

At the very least, it would be great to chat with others in the same boat and help support each other.

Thanks for joining!
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Hi there ,
    I really hope yoou find someone kind enough to donate to you. I have grown kids but my DH has none. we recently had ivf with DE in Athens which failed. We have no money left for another try as there was no left over embryos frozen from last cycle.
     If I can raise the money for another try and successfully got pg I would gladly donate any remaining embryos to make someone else realise their dream. I wish someone would donate frozen eggs to me.
    Good luck raising awareness. Lets hope this group can grow and put donors and recipients together.
I wish you best of luck
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Awww thank you so much!  It's crazy how expensive all this is, huh?  I keep joking this when we finally have a child (or two!) they are going to be getting a guilt trip from day one about how much they cost!  Of course, that's just me trying to keep a sense of humor about the whole thing.

Someone else said they tried to post to this group but it didn't allow them, so I need to figure out what happened.  It would be nice if we could get more people on here for sure.

Good luck and lots of baby dust to you!
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Hi everyone! Finally I can post here! I have been out on the embryo donor list at my clinic. It's over a years wait right now. I feel the need to try and get pg before that time.. There are a lot of factors involved in our particular case of why I cannot wait but I'm not going to go into details here. I hope we are successful in finding some good embryos for a successful outcome for us ladies.
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Ellen am glad you have got on the embryo donor list. Hopefully you will get pg before but it is good to have a backup plan.
I am praying  angel s on this site, who have decided thier/her family is complete will donate left over frozen embryos to you  and other deserving ladies on here, Take care x
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Hi Familiar Ladies! You have more company because I'm on here now. Where are all the donor embryo people anyway?
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Hi tiadreams!  There's got to be more donor people out there!  I recently reached out to FCLV in Las Vegas and found out they do not require an IVF cycle before using their donor embryos!  I'll keep everyone posted.

Baby dust to all!
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Hey that's great! Ha, I don't even have that conversation with clinics when I call around now. I give em the story and tell them what I want. They either offer it or they don't. I already did my IVF and it was a HUGE bust. I honestly wish we had not wasted the money. My eggs are total duds. Maybe we'll end up there together. I'm still working out where to go. I'm glad you made contact with them. Amity is super sweet and they are not asking for your left foot in terms of cashola. Yay!
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Yeah that was a great tip - thanks so much!  I've given up on my eggs too - this whole "getting old" thing really *****, huh?  Maybe I'll see you in Vegas :)
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