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Emphysema and flying

I have been diagnosed with emphysema.  I wasn't having any shortness of breath or any other problems, it was discovered during a routine check up.  I was told I have stage 1.  I was given a prescription for spriva  and I'm not on oxygen.  I do get winded pretty easily but I don't think I've had any shortness of breath except when I was flying.

My wife wants to go to Thailand to visit relatives.  The total flight time is around 20 hours, about 18 hours to Korea then a few for hours to Bangkok.  It was during this flight that I had a 'Shortness of breath' episode. I had dozed off in my seat and when I work up I could hardly breath. This was almost three years ago before I even knew I had emphysema.  I didn't have any other real problems other than that but I admit I didn't sleep much. when I think back on it my breathing may have been a little labored but not a real problem.  At that time I smoked so I attributed the problem to smoking but I have quit smoking now.

That was three years ago and now I know I have emphysema and that it won't get better, it will only get worse so I'm worried about what will happen now.  We don't plan on going until feb and I definetly plan to check with my doctor before we go.  I came across this site while searching on google so I thought I would as a question here.

what is your advice be as far as flying.

I'm a 61 year old male, 5'7" and weigh 140 lbs.  I have stage 1 emphysema but don't have any other chronic medical problems except  high cholorestol.

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