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Emphysema but not Emphysema

A CT indicated I have mild emphysema.  I have shortness of breath all the time and chest pain.  I went to a lung specialist and I was told that I have emphysema, but I don't have emphysema.  He said I probably have a lung abnormality.  Am I crazy to think I need a second opinion?
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Another disease also causes shortness of breath. please look into being checked for pulmonary arterial  hypertension. I had a heart cath done . did they do that and find out your ejection fraction. Did you have a lung function test in the big box that checks out how much you can blow out in 1 sec. If they didnt then you need to get it done.......
exercise is important and find out if your oxygen exchange is ok. Check to see if you desaturate while walking and checking your oxygen on your finger with a oxymeter you can buy at wallmart for $39.   I was told my lungs were medium what ever that meant and two years later i was severe...alot of people die from PAH before the E gets to them. so its like lung and heart problem together eventually... need oxygen to kkeep body going strong... for me, I was severe on both copd and PAH..... and still here to talk about it... Healthy lifestyle is a must... and at least walk half hour a day... I also have CHF (congested heart failure) and so far so good. good luck . Be your own advocate.... I am.... research meds etc learn.

Informative answer thank you.
It's been 3 years and just now reading this.  Thank you. Pulmonary hypertension does run in my family. Thinking it past me but maybe not. Vanderbilt University did a study on our family.
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Alternative health option may be to inhale FGHP, and a long term alkaline diet.
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It is quite possible to have mild emphysema show up on a CT yet your airways are not obstructed enough to actually have COPD (an umbrella term for all obstructive lung diseases like emphysema). If you smoke, quit now!!! (VERY IMPORTANT)  If you avoid any further damage and walk or exercise regularly and keep your weight in a healthy range, it is quite possible for you to live a normal healthy life without being affected by the slight damage that currently exists.
oh wait, i read that wrong,   sorry.

why do you say you don't have emphysema if your CT shows it and a lung specialist says you have it?  Have you had a Pulmonary Function Test?
I had a Full-body computed-tomography (CT) scan. The scan indicated a small black spot on my lung.  I don’t smoke, they assumed I did and said it was most likely mild emphysema. This was an independent doctor that I paid out of my own pocket to make my mom happy.  Of course I flipped and went to my primary which then sent me to a lung specialist. Doctors here in Texas don’t recognize tomography (CT) scans. They dismissed the scan.  PAH and lung problems are in my family history so I was freaked out a bit. The lung doctor said I have it but I don’t have it.  He put me on sleeping pills and sent me hone with a cpap.  Frustrated
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Thanks Crooks All of this is beginning to confuse me too . I too went for CT Scan because of a cough. Turns out the Radiologist diagnosis was same Mild Emphysema. I then went to Pulmonologist who gave me PFT. I quit smoking the day of the CT results (3 months after 50 + years) . My PFT confirmed COPD or at least I thought since the Pulmonologist summary and chat never mentioned COPD or Emphysema. He gave me prescription for emergency Inhaler to be used as needed. He the me to take a sleep study test of which I did and failed. Here is my take. I was so upset at my diagnosis and the fact that I was still irritable upon recently quitting smoking that OF course  would fail this sleep study. Meanwhile if the treatment for Mild/Moderate emphysema is quit smoking, exercise ,diet and inhaler then Why the hell even tell the patient. Just say quit smoking and take care of yourself and now the patient can go on living without the burden of a 'Death Sentence" diagnosis which has caused everything from stress, irritability and inability to sleep. In other words if the only medication is the inhaler then why bother with everything. Unless the whole exercise, diet  and smoking cessation is just a smokescreen to suck the life out of the patient. I know its crazy but its like I don't want to wear a mask when I sleep there has to be an alternative. Its 2018 and these masks look like something out of the 1950s B Movie
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So after my diagnosis I decided to let it play out.  Now more than a year later, shortness of breath is gone but I have obstructive breathing now and told to see a pulmonologist again. I feel like I will flip my lid if I have cancer now.  I frequently can't breathe, eyes water and I feel like I am suffocating. I have cancer or COPD. Either way I think I will just play it out.  There is no cure so why worry.  Live the best for today and love ur family. I have no control over what happens. I'm not a smoker, but I had second smoke my entire childhood. Nothing can cure either one.
Hello, thank you so much for returning with an  update.  Please know that both cancer and COPD are treatable and/ or can be managed.  We're here for you to support you.  What is your next step?
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