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I hope to get someone to talk to
I had HRCT today, the report said i have panacinar emphysema,, it doesn't even clarify the grade,, it just says it's consistent with COPD "astham, chronic bronchitis, etc" ..
First i am depressed, i cried and stuff, and i don't have i have the energy to do my plans .. including studying and career management.
I am in a third world country and next week i am traveling to work in Glaway, it will take a while till i will be able to do further invs and meeting in specialized respiratory clinics there..
I read on the Internet that is not even diagnosable until 40-50% of the lung is damaged, i don't smoke, i have GERD though and i try to take my PPI and so on daily .
I read about the grades, 1> normal life expectancy
2 -3 >> 5 years
4 >> few .
It's depressing, i even began to search for lung transplant options on the long term in USA.
I don't know, i am 27 ,, i have so much dreams, can you advice me something ? and moving to Galway is like my biggest step since years and this happen on this time, thanks God anyway i am not refusing the fate He draw to me, but i don't know what to do .
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