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emphysema or chronic bronchitis

Having a FEV1 of  27%, twice a year I go for free checkups at a local public hospital here in Spain and see a different lung doctor every time, they all agree I have severe COPD but while most of them  say I have chronic bronchitis, the one I saw a couple weeks ago said no, no, I had emphysema instead. I don't know why I'd like to know, even though both diseases are incurable and progressive, I'd like to know which one I'm probably going to die from. Now my question is: Is there a way to determine which of the two I have? Is there anything I could tell the doctor during my next checkup in April to have him/her formulate a more accurate diagnosis? Thanks for any suggestion. Good luck to all fellow sufferers - forum readers!
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Hi, COPD is a permanent change to the lungs, whereas symptoms of bronchitis can keep varying. The normal spirometry values are FVC-80-120% and FEV-80-120%. Also, FEV1/FVC ratio, is a calculated ratio used in the diagnosis of obstructive and restrictive diseases. A diagnosis of COPD is made when the FEV1/FVC ratio is less than 70%. In bronchitis there will be pre and post bronchodilator improvement in spirometry values indicating bronchospasm. But both conditions can co exist. Regards.
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Dear Doctor Paderla
thanks a lot for your explanation (though I'm afraid it is telling me that have both!). Best regards, 26245
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