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Abnormal blood test

What dose this mean?? I've been having some really odd  symptoms over the years... could this be apart?

                                       Mine                                                  Normal ranges      
HEMATOCRIT (HCT)        "low  31.1 "                                           37 - 47

HEMOGLOBIN (HGB)       "low   8.4"                                           12 - 16

MCH (Mean Corpuscular Hemoglobin)     "low   22.6"                     26 -33

MCV (Mean Corpuscular Volume)       "low   76.6"                        80 - 100

MCHC (Mean Corpuscular Hemoglobin Concentration)  "low  29.5"    32 - 36

W.B.C. (White Blood Cell Count)    "low  4.06"                         4.5 - 10        

BASOPHILS and BASOPHIL COUNT      "high 2.394"               0-2

RBC MORPHOLOGY -    1+  Microcytes
                                     1+  Polychromasia
                                     1+  Spherocytes

Vitamin D 25 HYDROXY   -    9.9

My symptoms

severe cravings for pure salt
severe fatigue
muscle pain
muscle spasms (on both sides of body)
random body tics/jerks
severe migraines
joint/bone pain
memory issues
tingling and numbness of hands, feet, face (between eyes)
pale skin
severe shortness of breath
mood swings
random dizziness/ lightheadness
weight gain and weight loss
random nausea
eyes jerking/spasms (side to side) super fast and only last a few seconds.
random sharp shooting abdominal pain (above belly button and in ovaries)
hands randomly  become red, burns, and itches super bad!!  sometimes swell up!
heavy or absent menstrual !!!!!!!!!!

My menstrual has been absent for almost 2 months now, so I don't understand why its all low.

I'm a 25 year old female. I don't smoke, drink or do and type of drugs and i'm not on any meds...

i do have a mitral valve prolapse with regurgitation and urinary tract bleeding.
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Your vit d for sure. It should be around 50. When mine was first tested it was 17 and I was put on prescription vit d-- 50,000 iu/week. I am no longer taking prescription vit d but I have to take 4000iu/day to keep it near 50. As a said before you need to find a good hematologist and endocrinologist also you should also get your parathyroid check in addition to the complete thyroid and adrenal panel. You might want to get your vit b12 and feritin tested in addition because your blood tests are low especially your hematocrit.

I hope this helps,
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Those results are very concerning. I recommending finding a good endocrinologist (it sounds like you need a complete thyroid and adrenal panel,and a good hematologist. I hope with vit d that low that you were put on prescription vit d.

(If you thyroid is unbalanced it will affect your cycle and more than likely adrenal problems also affect your cycle.)

I hope you get your answers and the help you need,
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my doctor hasn't seen my results yet. i just picked up my test.
should i be worried about my vitamin d or anything?
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