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Advice for someone who was just diagnosed?

Hi all, I have just been recently diagnosed with endometriosis, or rather suspected endometriosis. I have been suffering with extreme cramps since the first time I had my period and it wasn't until I was out of high school that I realized that it probably wasn't normal. Unfortunately I made the poor decision of not going to a obgyn until about 2 months ago. He put me on some birth control to see if itd help with the cramps, but since then, its gotten worse, especially over the last 2 weeks. I've been experiencing very sharp cramps in my pelvis constantly to the point where it's making my life miserable and difficult to function (i.e. I cant sleep, work is difficult, etc.) I've also had lower back pain that sometimes travels to the back of my thighs.

I finally went back to my gyno 2 days ago and he decided it was more than likely endometriosis and that it was bad enough that some sort of action needed to be taken. I guess my question is this: he offered two options, going straight to Lupron or doing a laparoscopy. I researched both and lupron side effects make me nervous and uneasy. I'm not sure if it's something I want to take unless it's necessary and I really do have endometriosis. Did anybody else have to face this decision, and if so based on your experiences which one would you go with?
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I want to say good for you for looking up what they were giving you. It is your body and you are allowed to say no to the medication if you want to.

Before I was diagnosed I was offered Lupron as well and I refused to take it until I was properly diagnosed.

Before you go having a surgery with this particular doctor please make sure this person is an endo specialist. This is key. You have one chance to get it right and properly remove the disease and you do not want a OBGYN without experience to do this. Let me know if you need help looking for one in your area. :)
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