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Are antibiotics perscribed after Laparoscopic surgery?

I just had a Lapraroscopic surgery Friday the 13th.  Felt fine until now (a week later).  My body is getting weird sore muscle pains along the side of my body.  Frankly I don't know how I can feel pain with the pain medication Ive been taking but, I do.  When I mentioned this to my friend she asked me if I've been resting & taking my antibiotics?  I told her I was never given any anibiotics and she flipped out telling me to call my Dr.  
Should I have been perscribed antibiotics after surgery?  So far I'm NOT impressed with my doctor and wouldn't be surprised.  
When I got my prescription for the pain meds there was another script attached to it blank and already signed but nothing was written on it.  I thought the Dr. might have just accidentally torn off two scripts but, never thought he might have forgotten to write something on the 2nd one.
Could this be why I'm getting pain along the side of my body?
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Hi I have had 2 laps and both times I was given antibiotics during my pre-op. But I  was also given a script for pain relief and antibiotics upon release. So I think that you should contact your dr. and explain the pain issues and ask for a script for antibiotics. I hope that helps.
good luck,
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I was not given antibioditics with my lap 3 weeks ago.
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I just had my lap done last month.  I was given antibiotics pre op then was not given any after.  I had a slight fever but went away after a week.  
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Hi there,
I had a laparoscopy June 18...... I was not given an Rx for antibiotics...  I do think though that they gave me some through my IV in the hospital... I was in the hospital for 1-1/2 days....
Good luck!!!!
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Has anyone felt bad a week later? I have a lot of pain and fever. Went to ER and was just given more pain meds. Should something else be done? Thanks for any help.
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I personally think that if you were fine & now you have pain & fever,  that is probably a sign of infection & get some antibiotics!
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if anyone here has experienced pain... that is normal. they should give you pain meds for that. also you can have nausea from them causing fever or you may feel like you have a really horrible hangover or sinus infection. this is normal because it is a very strong drug, so after taking such a drug for even a few days you may still feel these horrible effects a week to a month later, because your body is wanting the drug even though you might not. but if you see anything odd in, on, or around your incisions you need to contact your doctor immediately. also like some of you was not given antibiotics after my laparoscopy which is normal.  
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I can't believe some of you weren't given antibiotics! I've had one lap 5 years ago and have one tomorrow (yes, argh! hehe) and I had them and still felt shocking. I fully expect to get them tomorrow - apparently I'm getting a suppository, joy. Have asked to get that when I'm under hehe
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I was thinking to share my experience with you.  I had a lap on Friday the 19th Sept. I also had no prescription for antibiotics. On a contrary, they specifically told me not to take any medication 7 days before the operation except Tylenol. They give me apo-naproxen as a pain killer and another one stronger with codeine that I didn't need to take. I have no pain near the incisions, but I feel uncomfortable on my right side, like the liver or intestines are bothering me. I am trying to eat very light but didn't help. I called the nurse about this today and I am waiting for a call back. Keep you posted. Gook luck all.
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The nurse called. She said is nothing to worry about as long as you have no pain around the incisions and you having no fever. You can feel uncomfortable from the gas that they put inside your belly for a better visibility. I asked about the antibiotics and she said that antibiotics are not prescribed for laparoscopy. More then that, laparoscopy is used also as a surgical therapy for cases of antibiotics-resistant, meaning is very safe and the risk of infection is very low. Hope this will help.
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i just had lap surgery two weeks and while the pain is still there its annoying. How long does it last?
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Hi there - i had surgery 10 days ago - went back to work today but this was totally the wrong thing to do i think..sore just from the driving and sitting at a desk!  I have lots of pain when i 'pee' but have been checked for an infection and nothing..anyone else experienced this?  I am also on antibiotics.  They took some endo from my ureter so perhaps still iritated?  any help and suggestions would be wonderful!
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Hey WendyNZ!

I had my Laporoscopy 13th Oct'08 and went back to work after 14 days(but they also removed my appendix)
It's been almost 2 months now and I still have pain while peeing there were they worked on both ovaries. And I have pain during sexual intercousre with my husband-but don't always let him know! I havn't had an orgasm like I used to for the past 3 months. ( Sorry if it's too personal) But do you experience the same problem?
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i had a lap done a week ago and im still in pain. i have pain on the left side where they did the procedure. i was suppose to return to work and cant the doctor is keeping me out for another week and is sending me for CT scan. she said it is very unusual but for reading online it seems to be more common then she thinks. im hoping it will subside in a few days because im broke.
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Hi , i had lap month ago and i don't have any kind of the pain but my doctor told me to take akt-3 medicine course for 3 months but my TB report came negative then y he gave me .

My lap surgery is done because my body was infected.
Please help me out
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I had a lap 4 weeks ago, no antibiotics were prescribed. I had excruciating pain in my right shoulder for 2 days. I continued with my normal activities even though I was greatly limited, this included yoga, exercise class 3 days a week, and work. I had to rest often but I felt good. I got the restrictions lifted last week. I'm completely healed with no lasting side effects and I contribute this to not hanging out in bed or on the couch.
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They inject you with an Antibiotic before surgery (I just learned this) and if you get an infection afterwards. For example I had a catheter in for 11 days after surgery and had 2 bacterial infections from the catheter.
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Typically after a lap surgery, antibiotics aren't indicated. Sometimes it depends on your overall health because antibiotics can increase the risk of infection if they aren't needed.If you are an overall sickly person your Dr. might consider it. Before any gynecological surgery you should always ask your doctor if antibiotics are indicated for the type of procedure you're having. Sometimes you are more safe without them and just dont need them. I've had a total of 4 lap surgeries due to endometriosis in the past 3 years and the only time I was given antibiotics was when I had a laporotomy (opened up through a larger incision). Hope this helps.
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