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Are endometriosis and clotting problems correlated?

I'm 19 years old. Based on my symptoms and family history, my mom and I are suspecting I have endometriosis. My blood tests came back to be high in factor VIII (a clotting factor). I was referred by my gyno to a hematologist to access if I have some kind of clotting disorder. Has this ever happened to anyone before or after being diagnosed with endometriosis, or is this likely another problem? Does anyone know if endometriosis and clotting problems correlated?
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Gosh, this is a lot to deal with at 19!  I'm glad you are getting support from your mom and working with a doctor.   When do you  see the hematologist?  So, let's start with endometriosis.  You don't really give your symptoms.  What are they?  Do you see an ob/gyn?  Here's information on endometriosis. https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/endometriosis/symptoms-causes/syc-20354656  You probably have good insight into that since you know the symptoms and mention family having it.  To be diagnosed, you need to have a pelvic exam and then they might do an ultrasound or mri or maybe even a look see laparoscopy.  They treat in a variety of ways, often with medication for someone so young as yourself.  Pain medication and hormone therapy are often used.  Sometimes they do surgery to help.  If or when you want to have a baby, then they work on fertility issues surrounding endo.  Some women down the road may opt for a hysterectomy but later on.  Tell me your symptoms and we'll talk more about enco.

Now, factorv111.  That's probably a little scary that you have this issue and am glad you are going to learn more about that.  They'll do more blood work to confirm that you are high.  Could this cause heavy menstrual bleeding and cramps?  Absolutely. That is one of the symptoms of it.  Yes, you could have both that and endometriosis.  But you may just have that too.  You'll need to have the full work up to know.  Here is information on what 'could' be going on with high factor v111.    
diabetes mellitus
    advanced age
    an inflammatory condition
    liver disease


What I would ask your doctor about is von Willebrand disease.  https://www.haemophilia.org.au/publications/national-haemophilia/2014/no-187-september-2014/von-willebrand-disorder-vwd-special-issues-for  And this is often treatable, so please let us know what the doctor says!
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