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Birth control for first time in 10 years, horrible pain

I’ve been in so much pain for years when I get my period I finally went to the Doctor Who said it was probably endometriosis based on my symptoms. She started me on birth control I haven’t taken it in 10 years I’m 29 years old, I’ve never been pregnant. She wanted me to skip my period using the birth control by starting a new pack during the sugar pills.

I just get my period with the new pack but still had all the symptoms like I was going to get my period like bad cramps nausea back pain and it only got worse from there now I’m passing what looks like endometrial tissue? It’s like brown stretchy clots (sorry that’s gross) but no blood… I’m not bleeding at all it’s been like this for five days now and it’s not just a little bit it’s so much of the sticky brown tissue. But the pain I am in is unbearable. Meds aren’t helping, and i dont know why this is happening it seems weird to me, if anything I expected to get my period or have some breakthrough bleeding instead of tissue coming out. Has everyone else experienced this? And does it get better?
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I think you should call your doctor. It could be just that your body is adjusting to the pills, or it could be something more.

Did you skip the sugar pills and go right into the new pack? And you still are bleeding? I'd definitely give your doctor a call if that's what happened.
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I skipped the sugar pills and started a new pack. And it’s not even blood, I’m just shedding my lining and it’s so so painful but you’re probably right. I should probably give them a call
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