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Bowel movement pain week 2 post Lap

I had a laparoscopy 2 weeks ago to treat severe endo. I had chocolate cysts on both ovaries, my bowel was adhered to my left ovary, tube and pelvis. My right ovary was adhered to pelvis slightly. I also had extensive endo on pelvis wall and in ligaments holding up uterus plus scarring in ligaments.

I am advised that all of this has now been removed. My question is about pain with bowel movements and wind. I am getting quite severe cramps that seems to be related to BM.

Is this normal after bowel being handled during surgery. The first week I had severe diarrheo and cramps, Now I am having 1-2 BM a day and they of normal consistency and I am getting painful cramps across my abdomen and intense in my lower abdomen.

Does anyone have experience with this at all?

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How are you feeling now, any better?  I had bowel endo as well but for some reason I cant remember the details of certain pains. I know that I had a rectovaginal nodule that was removed and because it was causing so many problems with so much pain even if there was pain after my surgery I would have noticed that it was 100% less then it was.  

Let me know how you are doing
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Ya that would do it, plus the gas they use doesnt help as well.

I am glad that you are feeling better :)
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Thanks for your concern, it seems to have settled down now. Must have just been the effects of the bowel being handled so much.
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