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Colon endometriosis

Has anyone ever been diagnosed as having endo in the bowels? I've had GI issues prior to my endo diagnosis in 2001 and they now believe it has been endo all that time. During colonoscopies and sigmoidoscopies they've found inflammation that test negative for colitis and cancer. And I finally have a doctor that is thinking outside of the box. Any experiences or info on this would be greatly appreciated.
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Yeahhh. If you've got endo on your bowels, it is very common for it to cause constipation or diarrhea, bloating and gas. All sorts of GIT upset.

I have stage III endo, with the worst of it being down the bottom of my bowels, and I get the WORST gas, very painful, and a lot of it. I've tried changing my diet heaps, I've even had a colonoscopy and 2 gastrocopies. My gyno almost laughed when I told him I had those procedures, he said it's definately my endo. I also have very irregular bowel movements. Switching to lactose free milk and cutting down on cheese and acidic foods has helped the TINIEST amount, but not really.

***** :(
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Most women with endo have endo on the bowels-- I had my appendix removed during my first lap-- it was huge and infested with endo. Be sure to find an endo specialist a gen ob/gyn does not know enough. My doc will not perform a lap w/o any of his patients first doing a bowel prep because he knows that more than likely there will be there and it is not safe to try to remove it if one has not had not done the prep. To find one in your area contact the endo association:

I hope this helps,
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My endo specialist has always known I had bowel involvement, but the are finding something inside the colon, not outside. They believe it to be endo, though they have to mention cancer can have a similair appearence. Considering I've had this for over a decade, I doubt colon cancer. And yes I know endo normally involves the bowels, hence why I always had preps prior to surgeries. Mine intestines and colon always seemed to be involved, but the endo specialist always assumed it was only outside the colon. And considering I have al the signsof colon cancer, my doctor was unwilling to laugh it off. Have either of you had a bowel resection? That's what I am looking at now and I don't know what that's going to be like.
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you had a colonoscopy and  gastrocopy done? what were your results if you don't mind me asking. I had the colonoscopy and endoscopy done but they were both normal.
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I've had several colonoscopies, sigmoidoscopies, and one endoscopy. A sigmoidoscopy is similiar to a colonoscopy, but doesn't go trough the entire colon, it only goes to the sigmoid colon. My endoscopy was clean, but they always find lesions in the sigmoid in the colonoscopies and sigmoidoscopies. And results always come back as benign. They also see abnormal thickening of the bowel wall in my ct scans and the barium enema. The saddest part is this was seen in 2001, then no one saw it again for a decade. It makes me wonder if they weren't just ignoring it, because it popped back up last year in the same location and same appearence. Oh yeah I guess I could mention the only thing they ever told me found every time was my stool has always been positive for occult blood.
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Contact Ticked -- she post on the forum quite regularly she can tell you more about bowel resection and recovery.
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Thanks, I will try to find her!
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When they found endo during my surgery 4 months ago, the day after Christmas, my OB/GYN found endometriosis everywhere, including on my bowel.  She said that would explain all the problems I had.  Pain, as in bad cramping, when I went to the bathroom, and diarrhea almost every morning.  It really just irritated and inflamed my bowel every month.  Blood is an irritant.  Every month during your menses, the endometrium, that's loose in your abdomen and attached else where, bleeds as well and causes pain and irritation on it's attachment sites and sheds, which inevitably spreds it to other places. Endo *****, and it's evil all around and if it where a person, I'd cut them deep. lol. I hope this info helps. Hope you find out the issue and it gets fixed quickly. :-)
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So did you have a bowel resection then? Is the recovery different then the laprotomy?  
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I just realized you said ON, I am asking about people with endometirosis IN the colon, stuff that is not seen during surgery. Only visible in imaging and sometimes colonoscopy.
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I just realized you said ON, I am asking about people with endometirosis IN the colon, stuff that is not seen during surgery. Only visible in imaging and sometimes colonoscopy.
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I know this is an old post, but I literally just had a resection due to ENDO in my colon.  I'm 8 weeks post op. if you had surgery, I hope you are well recovered by now.  My cyclic ENDO pain is gone after the resection, now to just heal entirely from this major surgery.
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Did you end up having a resection?  I just had this surgery 9 weeks ago for endo on Colon.  Would love to know how your surgery went (if you had it).  Thanks!!
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I have suffered enough from dysmenorrhea and the symptoms I get makes new feel I gave endometriosis, another nightmare is having to use the toilet because I scream in so much pain. This keeps me wondering if I also have colon endo. I need your opinions please.
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I had stage IV Endo and I have had Rectal and bowel involvement

The symptoms I had were sharp rectal pains random, not just around my period. Constipation, intolerance to foods, severe pain when having a bm.

What symptoms are you having?

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