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Complete hysterectomy?

Hi...I've suffered from Endometriosis since my tweens (25 years), I've had 3 laparoscopies to ease the pain.  After over 10 years of trying to conceive with medical help IVF was finally the winner in 2013 & I'm a proud mama of one beautiful boy.  However the pain has been back for about a year (after my periods came back), the doctors say my eggs are dropping at a fast rate & we're not interested in doing IVF again so I'm faced with what now.  I know a complete hysterectomy (hoping to keep my cervix) is sounds drastic but nothing has worked in the past & I'm sick of feeling like crap all the time.  
Has anyone else had a total hysterectomy & what were the results?  I also plan on doing HRT after.
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I  had a complete hysterectomy in 2004 to cure my endo after living with it for so long and just being tired of being sick and tired...I was told this would be the "cure" and I didn't realize I may have been able to have a baby had I gotten into the hands of a specialist so I went for the quick fix but unfortunately it was not a fix at all...not only did it not cure my disease or pain it caused me many more health issues on top of the one's I was already dealing with...I went into hormone hell even with the patch which was put on because I was too young to be without...I had no clue an endometriosis excision specialist could have removed the disease and preserved my organs so now I pay for hrt that is not as effective as my diseased ovaries were. I have had 7 more surgeries...finally managed to find an endometriosis specialist to actually remove the disease but thanks to the disease and the removal of my organs I developed pelvic organ prolapse...My endo after my hysterectomy was so deep it took two excision surgeries with specialists to finally (I feel) eradicate the disease...but I am unfortunately now trying to get the aftermath of the disease figured out and may be looking at an ileostomy ...so please do think about this long and hard that is the one surgery I regret the most! Your best chance at getting rid of the pain is to see an excision specialist because removing the disease is what needs to be done not removing the organs because it will not help if any endo is left behind! Like a grain of sand in your eye...it hurts until it is removed but the eye is not removed..;) Please seek the help of a true endometriosis excision specialist!
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I had a radical hysterectomy May 2014. I am not going to lie it has not been a good time. Yes it helped stopped my periods and Endo pain however the damage from the endo to my bowels and bladder are irreversible so that pain still continues.

May I ask if you have had excision surgery done by an Endo specialist? This may make the world of difference. A hysterectomy should never be a choice.

Even if I have had one my reasons were based on medical neglect and complex PTSD. I needed this to be over as I spent my entire life since the age of 10 in and out of doctors offices and treated so poorly only to continue suffering in silence. I do have a blog in regards to my hysterectomy it is in my bio if you are interested :)
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